New Now V

Aug 24, 2022

Since 1999, InLiquid has been connecting artists and audiences in the Philadelphia region. In New Now V, the fifth annual new member showcase, the InLiquid gallery becomes a physical catalog of what these artists have to offer, displaying contemporary works across mediums, themes, and perspectives.
InLiquid artist members from this year’s cohort embrace a lack of control, leaning into intuition, spontaneity, and imperfection.

Some explore the potential in the creative process by employing techniques ranging from assemblage,
collage, abstraction, quiltmaking, neon bending, and filmmaking. They make reference to history, science, math, and pop culture. They invite viewers to engage in conversations about big issues with the hope that they will see something of their own lives represented in the gallery and possibly start to question their own preconceptions.

InLiquid HOURS: Open to the public | Wednesday – Saturday: Noon – 6 PM
Please note that the Crane Arts Building follows the most up-to-date city masking guidance

FEATURING: Margery Amdur | Francis Beaty| Polly Bech | Michael Biello | Kat Black | Colleen Brand | Jim Brossy | Patrick Carrow | Danielle Cartier | Meegan E Coll | Diane Deery| Mikel Elam | Erin Elman | Jacque Ferretti | RA Friedman | Gwen Gunter | Caroline Gutman | Sarah Gutwirth | Marguerita Hagan | Carolyn Harper | Kurt Herrmann | Richard King | Anne Leith | Wendy Liss | Russ Little | Emilio Maldonado | Deborah Moss Marris | Tommy Mavra | Nick Mittelstead | Sue Moerder | Anna Mogilevsky | Thomas Murray | Sam Nejati | Christy Elizabeth O’Connor | Erin Oliver | Daria Panichas | Catherine Passante | Laurie Beck Peterson | Margaret Pezalla-Granlund | Chris Poehlmann | Elizabeth Pratt | Michael Radyk | Elynne Rosenfeld | Marc Schimsky| John Schlesinger | Barbara Schulman | Adina Segal | Morgan Thomas Shankweiler | Kathleen Spicer | Craig Stover | Jacqueline Yvonne Tull | Jeremy Waak | Ronald William Waite | Benjamin WeaverBenjamin WeaverSharon Wensel | Chantal Westby | Injoo Whang | Amy Sarner WilliamsSharon Wensel | Chantal Westby | Injoo Whang | Amy Sarner Williams

New Now V art show at InLiquid gallery

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